Handturned Wooden Bowls​​​​​​​
by Peter Jacobson
My Bowls
All of my bowls are handcrafted from local Southeastern Pennsylvania hardwoods. They are finished with food-safe materials and are intended for daily use... or to fill that decorative niche.
Each Bowl is Unique
Whether you are interested in a bowl as a gift, to fit your home decor, or as a utilitarian object, my goal is to create an object that is pleasing in its form, comfortable to handle, and brings out the natural beauty of the specific wood.
Bowl Turning
I am a third generation turner, and have been immersed in the crafts movement since my youth. I made my first bowl about 50 years ago; after a hiatus focused on family and career, I came back to turning in 2019 and set up a full studio/workshop at my home near Fort Washington, PA.